About Coevolution

Coevolution originates from the biology noun, referring to the evolutionary processes that 

influence each other among different species.Our goal is to uphold the principle of respecting

 traditions instead of the blind worship,to boldly combine the modern design thinking with

 Chinese elements and ideas through deconstruction and reconstruction in every unexpected 


Coevolution doubts the subtle influence, elaborately making the combination of extreme 

elements of the classic with the modern and the conservative with the rebelling, the physical 

and chemical reactions of which burst into the unique vitality of our brand. All of the “traditions”,

 “oriental elements”, “the modern” and “the Western thinking” in your eyes are torn apart by us, 

and are made into an unseen abstract collage for 21st century. We are clear that this road of 

creation is full of obstacles,and yet the unlimited possibilities are worth all of our efforts. Like life

 grows from the chaos, and light appears from the darkness; Coevolution exists due to the same

 belief:  explore the unknown courageously and shall your existence be insignificant no more. 

About Studio

In 2015, Coevolutionwas founded in Chengdu, known as the incubator of art and culture in China. Thebrand is aiming at bringing new Chinese fashion to the globe. A sub-line isplanned to be established in New York - the City of Contemporary Art, so as tobring novel, complex and wearable RTW designs to the fashion market.

About the Designer

Miaoyi Shu, designerof our brand, graduated from Parsons School of Design, one of the top three leadingdesign college global wise. Shu has been invited to participate in photo shootsfor New York’s popular fashion magazines such as W,FAB, etc. Interned in mainstream fashion companies such as Harper’s Bazaar (China) and many other NewYork’s best fashion companies broadened her vision as a creative designer. Thedesigner see her design as a romantic weapon, which is full of dramaticconflicts, such as natural power vs. humanism, ethnic vs. cosmopolitan, reasonsvs. emotions, peace vs. vitality, etc.

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